Facial treatments have become our expertise. We correct most skin types and their misbehaviour. If you are not sure where to start then trust our team to look after your needs. We want YOU to LOVE YOUR SKIN as much as we do!

Our skilled therapists assess your skin goals and customise your treatment to ensure skin health. As 80% of your results are achieved at home, we prescribe you with a custom home care regime, to ensure that you get the dream skin you have always wanted.

 So...if it has been a while between facials or you are new to facials we suggest you start by clicking here ( tab).  

Essential Breeze Facial

This is an indulging facial which is our perfect skin health starter.  Ideal for all skin types.

Firstly we double cleanse and use an exfoliating ENZYME to remove redundant skin cells. 

Secondly we remove impurities followed by a luxurious massage on the face, neck and shoulders.

Thirdly we apply a hydrating mask to give back your glow.

Lastly a serum, hydrator and sunscreen are applied to seal in the moisture.

45 mins $125

60 mins $159

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Breeze Workout Facial

This is the perfect facial if you have neglected your skin and want to revitalise it.

Cleanse + Exfoliation + Micro Dermabrasion + Peel + Extractions + Lymphatic Drainage Massage + LED (Light Therapy) +  Alginate Mask + Serum + Hydrator = HAPPY SKIN :)

75 mins $215

Microdermabrasion Facial

This treatment is best suited for most skin types, particular effective for those that have thickened ,dull or congested skin.

We reveal a clearer, brighter complexion with our diamond-tipped micro-dermabrasion.

This is the process of mechanical exfoliation which gently sands your skin effectively removing the thicker, uneven outer layer.

It is a great option to treat the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, open pores, acne scarring and other skin related concerns and conditions.

 45min $110

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Breeze Teen Facial (to age 18)

Teenagers along with their hormones can do crazy things to their skin. If left untreated the bacteria will grow, feeding a long-term problem which can lead to scarring. Of course not all teens will experience this.

The problem occurs because levels of testosterone have risen. This increases sebum production and makes the skin more oily. At the same time Keratin (skin) becomes more abundant. Increased amounts of both sebum and keratin blocks pores, which encourages bacteria. This inflames the follicle developing acne. 

Best results are achieved when we work together on a structured skin health program and corrective skincare that is simple for a teenager to use.

30min $90

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