O-Biotics Retinoic Oil 30ml

O-Biotics Retinoic Oil 30ml

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O Cosmedics, Ginger & Me Neurocosmedics, and DP Dermaceuticals products can only be purchased after a consultation with us.

If you are new to our clinic a consultation is required due to the active properties of these skincare ranges. Please call us on (03) 9398 8609.

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Direct Acting Vitamin A

For all skins, including those typically sensitive to Vitamin A.

Powered by next-generation retinol and an advanced delivery system, Retinoic Oil offers all the benefits of Vitamin A in an oil base without the irritation. There isn’t a skin condition that will not benefit from using it. Used every night this direct acting retinoid supports an accumulative and powerful answer to skin health and skin youth.

How to Use: Cleanse, use your regular serums and then apply a quarter to half a pump (if treating neck and décolletage) of Retinoic Oil. Massage until fully absorbed and follow with your choice of O Cosmedics hydrator if required.

Good to Know: Do not overuse, the oil should fully penetrate your skin and not coat your pillowcase.


We’re pretty sure Cher dedicated her song “If I could turn back time” to Retinol! Still the number one anti-aging Vitamin on the market and an O Cosmedics favourite.

Often referred to by our O creator as “the conductor of the orchestra” since no skin solution is complete or skin transformation possible without the use of Retinol.

The goal is to use it daily, the key is to start slowly. Start every second to third night and build up to daily use. If you find you can’t use it daily, your skin is saying “lower the dose”, more is not always better.